Coast of Thrall


A group of adventurers are allied together on a voyage across the sea. There is a mysterious prisoner aboard who is locked in the brig. He is being transported to Soulbade to be executed for his heinous crimes, so when people start to end up missing who is really to blame? The journey takes the adventurers to the dark city of Soulbade. A city where the shadows have a thousand eyes and a dangerous cult called the Dream Watchers worship a wicked djinn with the power to enslave his victims when they sleep. It is left to the adventurers to save these victims of the slavers. It is up to them to rescue the innocent from those who hold the power to not only enslave the mortal flesh, but the very soul as well.


This adventure is created to allow a GM to use it in almost any Mythras fantasy campaign. The Coast of Thrall includes:


  • A dangerous 50-page dark fantasy adventure set upon sea and land;
  • An adventure that should last 8-16 hours depending on play styles;
  • A mysterious cult to find and expose;
  • A plethora of NPCs that will bring the adventure to life;
  • 9 new adversaries.
  • 50 page PDF

Coast of Thrall - Adventure for Mythras [PDF]

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