Fear Comes for You!


Fear Factory V is in full production...can you overcome your terror? A simple contract investigating disappearances on the moon of Telsix will expose you to a darker side of the colony's secret past. Telsix ever progresses forward as a leader in AI research, but a blend of technology and madness haunts every scientific advance. On the outskirts of the colony sits a former scientific research facility, but it is now little more than a condemned junkyard. This landfill is the site of recent disappearances and disturbances, and now outsiders must discover the truth behind these events .. and what they will find is grim and grisly...

Fear Factory V is a standalone Stars Without Number compatible adventure for 3rd or 4th level characters. Feel free to use Fear Factory V in conjunction with any other Stars Without Number campaign, or as 4-6 hour one-shot.

Fear Factory V - Adventure for Stars Without Number [PDF]