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August 2022


  • News about the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook Kickstarter
  • News about digital prints of Fear Factory V and Mirror Image for Mothership.
  • Discounts for adventures for Worlds Without Number, Old-School Essentials, Cepheus Engine, and more! These are valid until 8/31/22.

What is Heroes & Hardships?


Heroes & Hardships is a Universal RPG System built for flexibility and fun!

Heroes & Hardships lets you play your way.


  • Chuck handfuls of d10s with a Roll & Keep dice pool system.
  • Scale your game from gritty to fantastical with 3 available Power Levels.
  • Create your character with a Point Buy system or leave it to fate with random Attribute generation.
  • Forego the doldrums of combat rounds with Heroes & Hardships' innovative action points system.
  • Customize characters with hundreds of Skills, Abilities, and Ancestry Traits.
  • Wield magic and powers with two Magic Systems for wizards and super heroes alike.
  • Equip your character with an assortment of gear, gadgets, weapons, and armor.
  • Pilot starfighters, galleys, tanks, and more.
  • Defeat a Bestiary full of Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi adversaries.
  • Use dozens of optional rules to play the game any way you want.


News and discounts for other games are inside as well. Including: Mothership, Old-School Essentials, Cepheus Engine, and Worlds Without Number.

Newsletter - August 2022

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