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August 2022 [Special Edition]


  • Announcing Tetsubō for Heroes & Hardships
  • Featuring Secret of the Black Crag for Old-School Essentials


What is Tetsubō?


Earl of Fife Games is proud to announce the licensing of the unpublished Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay setting expansion Tetsubō by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson (famed authors of Dragon Warriors and Fabled Lands)


What is Heroes & Hardships?


Heroes & Hardships is a Universal RPG System built for flexibility and fun!

Heroes & Hardships lets you play your way.

  • Chuck handfuls of d10s with a Roll & Keep dice pool system.
  • Scale your game from gritty to fantastical with 3 available Power Levels.
  • Create your character with a Point Buy system or leave it to fate with random Attribute generation.
  • Forego the doldrums of combat rounds with Heroes & Hardships' innovative action points system.
  • Customize characters with hundreds of Skills, Abilities, and Ancestry Traits.
  • Wield magic and powers with two Magic Systems for wizards and super heroes alike.
  • Equip your character with an assortment of gear, gadgets, weapons, and armor.
  • Pilot starfighters, galleys, tanks, and more.
  • Defeat a Bestiary full of Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi adversaries.
  • Use dozens of optional rules to play the game any way you want.


Geek Native has more on Tetsubō and Heroes & Hardships.

Newsletter - Tetsubo Announcement

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