To Live is to Suffer


Winter has come, will you survive?


Snow began to fall as the Betrayer placed a trinket on the raised stone altar in the middle of the Everdark. The chirps of birds and howls of beasts sounded in disapproval. Each distant noise rising up through the forest in a fever pitch of panic. A cold wind whipped through the trees, chilling man and beast alike. The prophecy had come to pass, and so began the curse of Forever Winter. The Long Winter would haunt the land for decades and all life on the world fought for its very survival. But the ultimate fate of the land is in your hands, for good or ill.


Slaves to Fate is an adventure for Basic Roleplaying. Slaves to Fate focuses on the Fey Realm and its encrouchment on the material plane. Slaves to Fate is meant as a prelude for a winter apocalypse, but also can be used as a one-shot if desired. Inside you will find 21 pages of dark fantasy content, including:


  • A modular adventure that can be set in your favorite fantasy setting. Fully compatible with Basic Roleplaying and Classic Fantasy.
  • A new playable race, the Doppelgänger.
  • Six monsters included.
  • New mechanics: Corruption and Starvation


The Basic Roleplaying SRD or core rulebook is required to play Slaves to Fate.

Slaves to Fate - Adventure for BasicRoleplaying [PDF]