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An Ancient Curse

A Time-Honored Heroic Sacrifice

A Dark Secret

And An Epic Quest

The Darkling Legacy


A terrible danger stalks the Umbral Woods surrounding Hausen. Darklings, creatures of unknown origin and malicious intent, claim the woods as their own. These savage creatures have plagued the dark corners of the wood since time immemorial. Every one hundred years, the town’s most accomplished warrior, sound of heart and strong of mind, heads deep into the heart of the Umbral Wood to stem the tide of the Darklings.


It has been twenty years since the last great hero of Hausen, Markos Mac-Tirig, journeyed into the Umbral Wood. But sinister shadows have been spotted stalking the wood line, and citizens of Hausen have been found dead on the outskirts of town covered in the black viscera characteristic of the Darkling form. Concerned elders decide a new expedition is needed to make right the apparent failure of the last hero, but find none willing to accept the honor. Desperation forces them to look beyond their village borders.


The Darkling Legacy is a 46-page adventure compatible with Mythras RPG. Inside the Darkling Legacy you will find:


  • An adventure for experienced characters where choices matter;
  • 10-20 hours of play time depending on play styles;
  • A dark mystery to be solved;
  • 8 new adversaries, from powerful NPCs to terrible monsters;
  • An open-ended conclusion.


The Darkling Legacy - Adventure for Mythras [PDF]

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