Discover the mystery of the Helm of Radiance!


The Helm of Radiance is a 6 page drop-in adventure for Worlds Without Number that can be used in most fantasy settings for 1st level characters. The Helm of Radiance can be used in your campaigns, or as a 1-2 hour one-shot adventure.


 The Helm of Radiance includes:

  • Explore the Cave of Whispers, a reportedly haunted locale.
  • Solve a riddle of incredible danger.
  • Solve the mystery of The Helm of Radiance with several possible player determined outcomes!
  • A new WWN monster!


For GMs' Eyes Only!

This section is for GMs who want to make an informed decision before buying The Helm of Radiance. Players that read this section will find SPOILERS!


What is the Helm of Radiance?

The Helm of Radiance is a small, drop-in adventure for 1st Level characters. It is slightly irreverent, and deals with a Kobold lair full of traps. The PCs can have any reason at all to go to the cave. GMs are encouraged to use it to fill out their own adventures with something extra.


What's different about this adventure?

The adventure itself is straight forward. There's some traps and clues as to why the cave is probably not haunted by a ghost. But GMs should lead their players to believe that it is indeed haunted, and locals stand by that fact. That way, by the end, their expectations are turned on their heads. Yes, it is some mischievous kobolds up to no good.


What else?

Well, in the end, the PCs can make a deal with the kobolds. Basically getting them to scram and getting a little reward (although it will be less than they think!), or they can put them to the sword, claim the Helm of Radiance, and risk themselves for the loot these scallywags have collected. It is up to the players, of course! And although there might be some silly moments with these pesky creatures, the danger inside the Cave of the Whispers is real indeed!

The Helm of Radiance - Adventure for Worlds Without Number