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Brave the Maze of Mezeria! There is but one chance for glory, but many for death. Venture forth with skill and guile or join the doom of a long dead civilization. 


The Maze of Mazeria is a 60-page adventure for Worlds Without Number. Your players will explore a labrynith full of secrets while fighting for their very survival. 


In this adventure you will find;


  • New backgrounds for Worlds Without Number, including the Pirate, Grave Robber, Initiate, and the Explorer;
  • A 60-page adventure that should last 10-20 hours depending on playstyle;
  • A fully keyed map of the Maze of Mezeria;
  • New adversaries, including Blobs, Cannibals, Minotaurs, and more;
  • A full adventure summary, keyed for quick reference at the table;
  • And much more!

The Maze of Mezeria - Adventure for Worlds Without Number [PDF]