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Tetsubō is coming to Heroes & Hardships in 2023

Earl of Fife Games is proud to announce the licensing of the unpublished Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay setting expansion Tetsubō by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson (famed authors of Dragon Warriors and Fabled Lands).


Tetsubō is set to be released as a setting for the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook, with expanded rules dedicated for play in the fantastical land of Yamato.


Tetsubō is a game inspired by both Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Sengoku era Japan. Earl of Fife Games will bring the setting to life with gritty fantasy in a feudal land of samurai, oni, and glory.


The Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook is currently on Kickstarter. Pledge or follow today and help bring Tetsubō and other great supplements to life.

The Heroes & Hardships Kickstarter

- August 2022

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