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Earl of Fife Games welcomes you to join our Heroes & Hardships Affiliate Program

How it works: Our affiliate program works with either sales here on our website, or through DriveThruRPG. 


Anyone who purchases anything from our webstore may enter an email under Add Notes during checkout. If they add your email to the notes, you get 5% of net proceeds in an affiliate payment. You typically will earn more using our website. Supply them with the link to our store:


When someone purchases any product from Earl of Fife through DriveThruRPG, and the source code registered your email address, you will get 5% of the net proceeds from Earl of Fife on DriveThruRPG in an affiliate payment. You typically will earn a little less by using DriveThruRPG. Replicate the following link and place your email where it says <email here>.<email here>


At the end of the month, those that have collected sales through the affiliate program will be paid the net proceeds of all applicable sales. You will be contacted before payment is made. An online payment processor will be determined between both parties.

Terms and Conditions

  • You may not use your own email for your own purchases.

  • Affiliate percentage is based on product price minus any applicable processing fees.

  • Earl of Fife Games will do its best to contact and deliver payment, but if the affiliate is unable to receive payment, or a payment processor cannot be agreed upon, no payment will be sent. If the affiliate cannot be contacted, no payment will be sent.

  • These terms and conditions may change without warning. Check back often to review current terms.

  • No sign up necessary. Simply use your email in either scenario to receive credit.

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