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Heroes & Hardships Combat Action Cards allows players and GMs alike quick access to all combat actions in the game.


This deck of poker-sized cards includes 56 offensive action cards and 10 defensive action cards.  

Different backing for Offensive and Defensive cards helps organization, as well as the O or D designation on the text-side of the card.


At its height of power, the Old Kingdom consisted of the Ten Halls of Splendor, but today only three are left habitable -- some of the mysterious lost halls feature ancient and unstable locales, unfit for any clan, while others may hold far more dangerous secrets.


For physical cards, please purchase from DriveThruRPG HERE.

Combat Action Cards [PDF]

SKU: EOFHNH020-dig
  • All our digital files are hosted on DriveThruRPG for your convenience. Once you have purchased this item, you will be sent two emails. The first includes a brochure with information about Earl of Fife, and the second contains a link to your files on DriveThruRPG.

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