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In the city of North Gate, the Church of Abundance, worshipers of the goddess Zovra, hires the party to retrieve a stolen holy relic – the jawbone of their saint.


Meanwhile, a strange symbol is seen around town – a  skull, with a moth in its mouth, and a single eye on its forehead. 


Something sinister brews.


Will you choose MORE? 


Explore the town, investigate the mystery, make allies and enemies, and side with the just or the devils of passion and gluttony.


  • D'ugax is a narrative, 19 page adventure for Power Level 1;
  • Two new adversaries included;
  • Dangerous Dark fantasy;
  • Difficult choices.

Requires the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook and the free adventure, Mummy Dust, to play

D'ugax [PDF]

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