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Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old


Centuries ago the world above ended. The tomes of the old Librarians differ, but all agree the world fell to a cataclysm so great that many dwarf clans fled the surface before all was lost.


The Old Kingdom of Maelgar was found once again in the dwarfs' time of peril. Little was known about the long abandoned underground kingdom of the ancient dwarf king, but it provided shelter from the death above.


At its height of power, the Old Kingdom consisted of the Ten Halls of Splendor, but today only three are left habitable -- some of the mysterious lost halls feature ancient and unstable locales, unfit for any clan, while others may hold far more dangerous secrets.


Today, the dwarfs have no king, and instead live in tightly aligned clans. However, most clans form alliances with one another for their mutual benefit, and even allow some oversight by a council of elders that hail from all throughout the realm. 


Deathseekers is a supplement for Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old (Coming to Kickstarter Fall 2023), a setting for the Heroes & Hardships RPG. This document will detail the Deathseekers, a group of dishonored dwarfs that choose the ultimate sacrifice instead of a lifetime of an outcast. 


“Victory will be ours! For those that meet death on the battlefield, let your ancestors know your names! Your foul deeds are done. Honor is restored. Wet your axe with the black blood of our enemies and your kin will add your effigies to their altars and your name to their prayers!”


- Deathseeker Battlebrother before a crusade

Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old: Deathseekers

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