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Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old is a 100 page soft cover book and PDF.


Dungeons Deep is a setting for the Heroes & Hardships roleplaying game, where you play as the scion of dwarfs that have fled a great apocalypse and retreated into an ancient dwarven kingdom hidden beneath the mountains. 


Players can explore various character roles such as stout clan warriors, skilled craftsmen, rich merchants, wise political leaders, wizards that blend magic and technology, ruthless inquisitors, and many more. These assorted characters will find adventure through exploration of the lost Halls of Splendor, political intrigue between clans, rooting out vile corruption, defending their dwarfhome from attack, and maybe even a return to the ruined surface.


The Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook is required for play.


What's Included?


  • Dungeons Deep includes player and GM-facing chapters so that players can be surprised by the secrets that await, and GMs have more information at their disposal to run adventures within the Ten Halls of Splendor and beyond.
  • Secrets of the Sacred Stone is an adventure that can be used to get players started with the setting and begin any campaign. In this adventure, characters embark on an investigation of a grizzly death scene and strange happenings. 
  • Adventure handouts for clues, and encounter battlemaps to be used in combat scenes.
  • Dungeons Deep expands upon the rules within the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook with an entire new subsystem for Corruption, new Abilities, Ancestry Traits, Ancestries, Manifestations, and Adversaries.

Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old [Print+PDF]

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