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Heroes & Hardships' Fantasy Adversaries Vol. I includes 21 new fantasy-related adversaries, 2 new abilities, 3 new ancestry traits, 3 new flaws, 1 new manifestation, 1 new weapon, and 2 new weapon qualities to enhance your game. These adversaries can be used with the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook or partially with the Heroes & Hardships Quickstart Guide.


Includes print-ready Adversary Pages for play at the table or online.


New Adversaries


  • Astral Tear (Foe)
  • Bard (Adversary)
  • Basilisk (Foe)
  • Burrow Root (Foe)
  • Burrow Root [Splitter]
  • Cyclops (Foe)
  • Deep One (Foe)
  • Dragon (Arch-Nemesis)
  • Kobold (Minion)
  • Lich (Arch-Nemesis)
  • Medusa (Adversary)
  • Mummy (Foe)
  • Naga (Foe)
  • Pirate (Minion)
  • Pixie (Foe)
  • Rust Monster (Minion)
  • Shark (Minion)
  • Stinger (Minion)
  • Unicorn (Minion)
  • Vampire, Lesser (Foe)
  • Ratlings (Foe)


New Abilities


  • Strength in Numbers
  • Magical Voice


New Ancestry Traits


  • Splitter
  • Stone Gaze
  • Strangler


New Flaws


  • Greed
  • Hunger
  • Location Lock


New Manifestation


  • Unstable Magic


New Weapon


  • Saber


New Weapon Qualities


  • Corrosive
  • Painful


Fantasy Adversaries Vol. I [PDF]

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