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One System, Any Setting!


Heroes and Hardships is a skill-based D10 dice pool RPG system that will support any setting or story you can imagine! Heroes and Hardships is built for heroic adventure and deadly campaigns!

The Heroes and Hardships Quickstart Guide contains everything you need to start playing in a vast number of different settings. This fully illustrated 96-page book could be used as a fully realized RPG on its own, but offers only a fraction of what you will find in the Heroes and Hardships Core Ruebook to come. 


The Heroes and Hardships Quickstart Guide includes:


  • Character creation rules and options;
  • Detailed rules for deadly combat, including the Heroes and Hardships' innovative Action Point system, as well as over 30 offensive and defensive combat actions;
  • Dozens of skills and abilities;
  • Nearly a hundred wound effects;
  • Dozens of weapons and pieces of armor from across multiple genres;
  • A bestiary of adversaries to get you started;
  • A fully linked table of contents, a fully bookmarked PDF, and an index;
  • A five page character sheet;
  • And much more!
  • 96 page PDF


Grab a handful of d10s and form your dice pool; epic adventures await!

Heroes & Hardships Quickstart Guide [PDF]

  • All our digital files are hosted on DriveThruRPG for your convenience. Once you have purchased this item, you will be sent two emails. The first includes a brochure with information about Earl of Fife, and the second contains a link to your files on DriveThruRPG.

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