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Any Setting! Any Character! Any Adventure! Anything You Can Imagine!


The Heroes & Hardships GM's Guide Vol. 1 includes 28-pages of optional rules for Heroes & Hardships. With these rules you can play the game in even more ways.


In the Heroes & Hardships GM's Guide Vol. 1 you will find:


  • Power Level 4;
  • Career Template Rules;
  • Alternate Falter Rules;
  • Fatigue Rules;
  • Non-Humanoid Hit Locations;
  • Armor Penalties for Magic;
  • Casting Methods;
  • Spellbooks & Scrolls;
  • Detailed Currency;
  • Quick Adversaries;
  • New Mob Rules;
  • And more!

Heroes & Hardships GM's Guide Vol.1 [PDF]

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$9.00Sale Price


  • All our digital files are hosted on DriveThruRPG for your convenience. Once you have purchased this item, you will be sent two emails. The first includes a brochure with information about Earl of Fife, and the second contains a link to your files on DriveThruRPG.

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