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A dangerous cult begins to transform a peaceful town into a chaotic haven for madness. Will you stop their machinations or will infernal spirits destroy everything you hold dear? In this adventure players will guide their PCs in the defense of Tradesman’s Root, a small settlement wedged in between a large plateau and a dark forest. Nature, dark forces, and political intrigue all conspire against the PCs to bring the downfall of the once proud townsfolk.


Infernal Tranquility is an adventure for Power Level 1.


Inside you will find;

  • A 28 page fantasy adventure, usable with nearly any fantasy setting;
  • 4-10 hours of play, depending on playstyle;
  • New adversaries (1 Foe, and 1 Minion);
  • Choices that matter.

Infernal Tranquility [PDF]

SKU: EOFHNH017-dig
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