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Amongst the Stars


Interstellar is a micro-setting for Heroes & Hardships. Interstellar is created by various adventures and setting supplements which build the overall setting little by little. There is no one theme of the setting; Interstellar can include hard sci-fi, space opera, sci-fantasy, horror, or any other sci-fi sub-genre. However, the setting guide includes common rules for space travel and how the expanse of space is navigated.


Included in Interstellar are:


  • Detailed rules for Faster-Than-Light travel;
  • 6 new vehicle abilities;
  • A sample sector, Guizen-Ran;
  • An adventure exploring the new FTL rules presented in Interstellar;
  • 4 pre-generated characters.

Interstellar Setting Guide [PDF]

SKU: EOFHNH014-dig
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