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An alien species known as the Varg has controlled Earth for many decades. Humanity has fallen and serves their new masters or are led away never to be seen again.


Project Ragnarök may be Earth’s last hope. Project Ragnarök has crossed all ethical and moral boundaries in pursuit of a way to fight back. Stolen Varg technology supplemented the dying embers of human ingenuity. The result is the Bellerophon Cohort. You are the super-soldiers resulting in genetic manipulation and alien-tech. Will you rise up and help defeat your oppressors, or will you fail just as many of your technologically enhanced brothers have before you?


Invasion Earth is a stand-alone Power Level 2 adventure for the Heroes & Hardships RPG and requires the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook. In Invasion Earth, the players take on the role of super soldiers fighting against the Varg, a species of aliens that now control Earth. You will learn more about the Varg later. Four pre-generated characters are available for players, or they may make their own.

Invasion Earth [PDF]

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