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Lords of The Dream Cages is an adventure for the sci-fi horror role-playing game, Abandon All Hope 1E.


Some say no good deed goes unpunished, and this time is no different. While attempting to assist a pair of brutalized survivors, the characters bite off more than they can chew when they penetrate into a former recreational complex aboard the ship once reserved for trustees. Whatever they expected to find, the characters soon realize they’ve stumbled into the lair of a group of debased criminal masterminds who're planning to use the party members for their perverse “entertainment“. The venue: a trip to the “Dream-Cages”, where a man's (or woman’s) wildest and darkest fantasies are made real…


Note: The Dream-Cages features mature themes (sexual and drug-related) that may not be appropriate for younger players.

Lords of the Dream Cages 1E [PDF]

SKU: RPO6004-dig
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