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Trouble Comes in Twos...


The Planet of Mire is expanding; new contracts for surveying and colonizing make it the ideal destination for any group of spacefarers looking to make their mark. While preparations are underway for a lucrative expedition, a group of contractors are set to enjoy an all-expenses paid stay at a premier luxury hotel in Mire’s capital city of Rosha Des. But events set in motion by unseen forces set them up with a night to remember...even if they’d prefer to forget...


Players will experience the surreal and bizarre as they navigate through emotional strain and moral conundrums in a hostile environment. With multiple endings and outcomes, they may decide the fates of all those involved at The Menagerie. Will they discover the truth? Or remain blessed with ignorance?


Inside you will find:


  • A 28-page, fully illustrated, adventure of psychological horror compatible with Heroes & Hardships RPG and the Interstellar Setting Guide.
  • A new planet, Mire, usable with most any setting.
  • A dangerous, mind-bending tale for 3-6 character at PL 1.
  • 4-8 hours of gameplay, depending on play style.

Mirror Image [PDF]

SKU: EOFHNH016-dig
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