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Mummy Dust is an adventure for Heroes & Hardships.

This adventure is fully compatible with the Heroes & Hardships Quickstart Guide and the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook (Coming to Kickstarter October 4th, 2022). Mummy Dust can be used in any low-fantasy or medieval setting.


The Adventure


Mummy Dust is an adventure for starting Power Level 1 characters. Three characters have been included in this adventure for quick play. However, players may create their own characters if they wish. Mummy Dust is presented so that magic is extremely rare and ultimately dangerous. Since this adventure is compatible with the Heroes & Hardships Quickstart Guide, some parts of the adventure will include options without magic when they would otherwise include it.


A terrible sickness known as the Black Death has spread across the land, killing thousands, except in one remote village called Bakota. Rumors swirl that God protects this place, but the Church expects something much more sinister. You have been charged with the investigation to root out heresy, apostasy, and communion with foul demons and devils. 


More to Come!


Mummy Dust is a living document, and more information about the small setting, adventure, and the Black Death will be added to help add more content to your games!

Mummy Dust [PDF]

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