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Heroes & Hardships' Sci-Fi Adversaries Vol. I includes 20 new fantasy-related adversaries, 1 new abilities, 2 new ancestry traits, 1 new manifestation, 5 new weapons, 1 new armor, and 4 new weapon qualities to enhance your game. These adversaries can be used with the Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook or partially with the Heroes & Hardships Quickstart Guide.


Includes print-ready Adversary Pages for play at the table or online.


New Adversaries


  • Bodyguard (Foe)
  • Bounty Hunter (Adversary)
  • Cyborg (Foe)
  • Executive (Foe)
  • Ganger (Minion)
  • Hacker (Foe)
  • Martial Artist (Foe)
  • Deep One (Foe)
  • Medical Professional (Minion)
  • Parasites (Minion)
  • Planetary Hive Queen (Foe)
  • Planetary Hive Scout (Minion)
  • Planetary Hive Warrior (Minion)
  • Psychic (Adversary)
  • Shadow Operative (Foe)
  • Sniper (Foe)
  • Space Wizard (Arch-Nemesis)
  • Trooper Officer (Foe)
  • Void Born Creature (Foe)
  • Void Templar (Arch-Nemesis)


New Abilities


  • Psyker


New Ancestry Traits


  • Infectious
  • Tiny


New Manifestation


  • Enhanced Senses


New Weapons & Armor


  • Electro Glaive
  • Exploder Pistol
  • Neural Disruptor
  • Staff Claw
  • Half-Laser Rifle
  • Bounty Hunter Carapace Armor


New Weapon Qualities


  • Alternate Mode
  • Armor Bypass
  • No-Damage
  • Paralyze

Sci-Fi Adversaries Vol. 1 [PDF]

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