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Freedom from the yoke!


William Wallace's story of legend began in Lanark Castle where the Scottish patriot first rose up in rebellion against the English. The Actions of Lanark is a 40-page sandbox adventure that allows players to assume the role of Scottish rebels, their allies, and perhaps even William Wallace himself. 

Wallace also contains a Setting Primer with the most important events from the First War of Scottish Independence. The Setting Primer helps Game Masters develop a campaign in early 14th century Scotland. 


Wallace is a setting-adventure book for Heroes and Hardships. This setting-adventure is special as it only requires the Heroes and Hardships Quickstart Guide which is included in this download. Wallace will also be 100% compatible with the Heroes and Hardship Core Rulebook upon release.

Grab your claymore and take the field against the southern invaders or use your glib tongue and engage in the deadly political arena of the Scottish nobility. You will find all of the following included.


  • The Actions at Lanark, a 40-age sandbox adventure which gives players total freedom to complete their task as they wish;
  • Over 20 medieval NPCs with full stat blocks, including William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, and John Comyn the Red;
  • A setting primer of the First War of Scottish Independence;
  • The major events of the war detailed with many possible ways that player characters may be involved;
  • New rules for breaking objects such as gates and walls, wielding siege equipment, and using castle defenses like boiling oil and falling stones.

Wallace [Print+PDF]

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